Demetrius Johnson believes Anthony Joshua would beat Francis Ngannou in MMA

Demetrius Johnson shares his thoughts on Anthony Joshua facing Francis Ngannou in MMA

by Aryan Lakhani
Demetrius Johnson believes Anthony Joshua would beat Francis Ngannou in MMA
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Francis Ngannou’s recent performance against Anthony Joshua sparked a debate in the MMA community questioning his overall striking abilities. MMA experts like Demetrius Johnson made interesting comments stating that Anthony Joshua would beat Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight.

Some many consider that to be an exaggeration but Demetrius Johnson justifies his statement with reasoning.

Demetrius Johnson on Francis Ngnanou

Recently on The MMA Hour, Demetrius Johnson spoke about Anthony Joshua’s chances of winning aginst Francis Ngannou in MMA.

“It’s not like Francis is some world-class kickboxer,” Johnson said, as quoted by “You look at all Francis fights, he does have some submission wins, he does have some where he takes somebody down.

But if I can take a guy like Anthony Joshua, who is an athletic specimen, who understands range and distance, and I train him for six months — six months — to defend a takedown, check the leg kick, and just box.

You’re not going to have 16-ounce gloves. The distance doesn’t change at all. ... So if I can take somebody who is athletic, which, Anthony Joshua is athletic, it’s an easy fight. Francis has been very successful in the boxing world in MMA,” Johnson continued.

“He boxes people. When he beat Stipe Miocic, yes he threw some leg kicks. That’s very easy to manage. It’s not like an Edson Barboza leg kick. But him and Stipe were going back and forth. Stipe actually rocked him.

Demetrius Johnson compares Anthony Joshua to Stipe Miocic

“I would go on to say Anthony Joshua is a better boxer than Stipe Miocic. Not a better MMA guy, but in mixed martial arts, I say it all the time: MMA is the easiest sport to become a world champion in.

It truly is. you have people who are very good at one thing and have so many holes and deficiencies in their game”.