Anthony Smith on Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier: “It gets deeper and deeper”

Anthony Smith talks about Dustin Poirier's chances of winning against Islam Makhachev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith on Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier: “It gets deeper and deeper”
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Anthony Smith shared a common insight on Dustin Poirier vs Islam Makhachev; he believes Poirier has a chance of securing a win if he dominates and takes control over Makhachev early on in the fight. This could be Dustin Poirier’s last fight; the outcome of the fight will play a massive role in dictating his future in the UFC.

Islam Makhachev is strongly confident of a win and so is Dustin Poirier. 1st June, we shall find out who emerges victoriously.

Anthony Smith talks about Dustin Poirier’s chances

Recently on The MMA Hour, Anthony Smith shared his thoughts on the upcoming lightweight title fight between Dustin Poirier and Islam Makhachev.

“A better chance than a lot of people are,” Smith said, as quoted by “I think that he’s got a lot of momentum right now. I think that there’s a lot of comparisons with Islam and Khabib, but they’re very, very different fighters.

I think the biggest difference is Islam is willing to stand and strike with Dustin, and that gives Dustin a lot of opportunities to do well. If he can move his feet and force Islam-like, Khabib had a different mindset. He would just wade through whatever you were throwing, if he could get a hold of anything, he was going to start climbing it like a snake.

He gets a hold of you and he just starts sinking and pulling you in and it just gets worse. It’s like quicksand, it gets deeper and deeper".

Anthony Smith on Dustin Poirier dominating early

“Islam doesn’t really fight like that.

Does he have the ability? I don’t know, but his skill set is more diverse, so he’s willing to do more things. I think that opens up a lot of opportunities for Dustin, especially if Dustin can land early and get Islam-he needs him a little bit nervous and have a healthy bit of respect for him coming into range and I think he can be really successful.

I think it starts really early, I think you’re going to know right away”.

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