Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor’s return: “This might be the last time”

Michael Bisping explains why he thinks Conor McGregor could either rise or fall.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor’s return: “This might be the last time”
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Michael Bisping believes Conor McGregor will either rise to the sky or fall below earth. Bisping thinks it all depends on how he performs in his highly anticipated comeback fight against Michael Chandler on 29th June. Conor McGregor’s recent “training clips” have been going viral on social media, and they have made fans and followers think that McGregor is not taking the fight seriously.

Michael Chandler, on the flip side, also has the opportunity to seamlessly propel further in his thriving UFC career.

Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor’s future after fighting Michael Chandler

In a recent YouTube video, Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on Conor McrGregor’s return.

“They’re promoting this fight big time,” Bisping said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “And listen, you never know. Maybe this might be the last time we ever see Conor McGregor fight inside the octagon.

I’m not saying that because I’m telling you right now, if Conor wins, he’s going to fight for a belt next, and there’s multiple belts that he could fight for – 155 (pounds), 170 and the Baddest * title, as well.

So there’s a lot of belts and a lot of opportunities for Conor McGregor if he looks good, if he wins the fight and he doesn’t get absolutely smoked”.

Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor’s extravagant life

“Three years away from the sport, he broke his leg, he’s sleeping in silk sheets and drives a Lamborghini yacht, and he’s a movie star, Lots of distractions.

Will he be the same person? I’ve always said listen, you give any man two, three months to get their sh*t together, get in a fight camp, lose some weight, get fit and healthy, the man is still only 35 years old. He’s got access to the best training partners on planet earth, and he was a two-weight-division champion.

You can’t forget about that stuff. Granted, three years he’s been enjoying himself, he’s been partying. So * what?”.

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