Khabib on Holloway: "He is already one of the best who has ever played this sport."

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Khabib on Holloway: "He is already one of the best who has ever played this sport."

Khabib Nurmagomedov came to Fight Island primarily as part of his cousin’s team, Umar Nurmagomedov, who will finally debut in the UFC’s Octagon. In addition, he decided to take the opportunity to promote his protein desserts and to meet Dan White.

Of course, he did not fail to watch the show in which Max Holloway dominantly defeated Calvin Kattar. Max Holloway had a great match. He was moving well, he had good shots and he showed that he is at the top level. If he continues at this pace, he can still achieve a lot of success, even though he is already a successful fighter.

Many wrote off Holloway in this match and thought he would lose Holloway has thus confirmed that everyone who wrote him off is very wrong, and Khabib believes that the 29-year-old former champion in the lightweight category has not yet in the level he should be, but it could happen soon.

He discovered that Max is a big fan and predicted many more great successes.

"His best days are yet to come"

Interestingly, Khabib believes that Holloway can become the best and that he still has time to show what he knows.

"I often think of Max, he is already one of the best who has ever played this sport. One of the best in general and certainly the best in the lightweight category." "I think this was his best fight. When we look at the situation around Max, he is yet not nearly as old and has a lot of UFC fights done.

I think his best days are yet to come if they aren’t already underway." "This or next year he will be in his ‘prime’. It didn't happen when he was a champion, that time will only come if he continues to be equally focused.

If he does, he has a chance to become one of the greatest of all time. This was his best fight so far, but he may be even better in the future, "Khabib revealed his impressions in the interview for Full Reptile. Khabib and Max nearly fought in April 2018 at UFC 223 show.

It was Holloway who was the planned replacement for Tony Ferguson, who was injured shortly before the fight. Confrontations and a press conference were held, but in the end, there was no fight, as Max fell ill during the weight loss. Khabib eventually fought against Al Iaquinta and by winning that fight he won the lightweight title.