Paddy Pimblett confident of beating Bobby Green: “I can see me knocking him out”

Paddy Pimblett looks forward to strong finish against Bobby Green.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett confident of beating Bobby Green: “I can see me knocking him out”
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Paddy Pimblett seems to have no respect for his next opponent, Bobby Green; their lightweight clash is set to take place on 27th July at UFC 304 in Manchester, England. Paddy declines Bobby Green's claims of mentioning his name first for a fight.

This fight is a crucial decider as one will rise, and one will fall. A fantastic opportunity for both to climb the ladder to the top.

Paddy Pimblett on Bobby Green

In a recent interview, Paddy Pimblett shared his thoughts on Bobby Green.

“He’s a proper tool, lad,” Pimblett said as quoted by “He’s a proper weapon. The funniest one is he says he mentioned me. I didn’t mention you. You mentioned me first. So then I mentioned you, you little sausage.Everyone talks about me, so it’s all the same.

He’s just a proper tool, lad. I think he’s a proper * human being. He’s just a proper wanker, lad. He’s saying that I mentioned him first. He’s just lying. Why would I mention you? Why would I mention Bobby Green, lad?”.

Paddy Pimblett on finishing Bobby Green

“His striking’s very good, his takedown defense is good, and that’s what he’s going to try and do. He’s just going to try and use his takedown defense to keep it on the feet because he thinks he’ll outstrike me.

As I say, his chin’s gone, so strike with me. We’ll see what happens. I can see me knocking him out. I can see me submitting him”.

Paddy Pimblett