Leon Edwards sees Belal Muhammad as an easy opponent: “I’m levels above him”

Leon Edwards shares his thoughts on fighting Belal Muhammad.

by Aryan Lakhani
Leon Edwards sees Belal Muhammad as an easy opponent: “I’m levels above him”
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Leon Edwards’ confidence is soaring high ahead of his 3rd title defense against Belal Muhammad. Edwards sees no threat ahead; he believes he will easily finish Belal Muhammad because he’s levels above him. Edwards will face Belal Muhammad for a rematch at UFC 304, which is scheduled to take place on 27th July at Manchester, England.

The odds are heavily stacked against Belal Muhammad; 27th July, the world will find out how Belal Muhammad anticipates against the noise.

Leon Edwards on Belal Muhammad

Recently on The MMA Hour, Leon Edwards explained why he thinks Belal Muhammad is an easy opponent.

“When has Belal ever did that to anybody?” Edwards said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “He’s just talking. I’ll let him talk and let him make his little memes and his little tweets, but everyone knows he ain’t on my level.

That’s just the facts of it. He has improved. So have I. There’s levels to the game and I truly believe I’m levels above him. Come July, I’ll show that”.

Leon Edwards wants a finish

“I need a finish.

I feel like anything short of a finish is no good enough, all this shit this guy talked on social media, the * Tweets, the t-shirts, he deserves it. He deserves an ass-whooping. I feel like he’s going to get his ass whooped.

I’ve never lost a fight in the U.K. I’ve never lost on home turf. I bring that confidence with me, I bring the confidence of being a champion with me, and he’s just too easy to hit. He can improve all he wants, he’s too easy to hit.

His head is right there. He’s just there and he’s going to get hit and get hit a lot. I want to take him out”.

Leon Edwards wants Conor McGregor to call him out

Leon Edwards