Conor McGregor believes Max Holloway will end Ilia Topuria: “Meaningless strap”

Conor McGregor explains why he thinks Max Holloway will be successful in beating Ilia Topuria.

by Aryan Lakhani
Conor McGregor believes Max Holloway will end Ilia Topuria: “Meaningless strap”
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Conor McGregor does not have respect for the UFC featherweight champion Ilia Topuria. McGregor labelled Topuria’s hard-earned belt a ‘meaningless strap’. Initially, Ilia Topuria was adamant about avoiding a fight with all the top featherweight contenders, but after winning against Alexander Volkanovski, he ended up calling out Conor McGregor.

While most found it an unreasonable call out, their fight could happen at some point in the future. Topuria’s first title defence could be against Max Holloway; it promises to be an intriguing clash that could shake the featherweight division.

McGregor has a pick; he can foresee Max Holloway beating Ilia Topuria in their potential fight.

Conor McGregor on Ilia Topuria

In a recent live stream, Conor McGregor shared his thoughts on Ilia Topuria and his potential fight with Max Holloway.

“Topuria, for me, is a non-champion in my opinion,” McGregor said, as quoted by “He might have a strap, but it’s a meaningless strap, in my opinion, as he holds it. I don’t see any attraction to it.

Holloway, too light, too fast, I think Holloway picks him apart – if they fight. Holloway has done it. He has that featherweight title, he’s had it for a long time. He’s now the BMF”.

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