Michael Bisping Urges Fighters to Call Out Names in Post-Fight Interviews

Michael Bisping explained how fighters should make use of post-fight interviews

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping Urges Fighters to Call Out Names in Post-Fight Interviews
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Michael Bisping wants fighters to make the most of a post-fight/octagon interview. A win allows contenders to get focused attention from a large crowd, and by making a realistic call out, who knows a fight could end up materializing – because it has for many fighters.

Bisping explains how fighters should be direct with their callouts instead of timidly throwing it to the UFC.

Michael Bisping on post-fight interviews

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on fighters not using post-fight interviews to the fullest.

“It’s not only just me, but Chael Sonnen or anyone with any experience says you have the world by the palm of your hands,” Bisping said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “You’ve just won. Maybe you just got a crazy knockout, you’re having your interview — call out your next fight!

Take charge of your career.Whenever they said, ‘Oh, I’ll take on anybody, whoever the UFC wants to give me,’ I think, ‘For crying out loud’”.

Michael Bisping on calling out names

“If you’re a young fighter out there and you get that microphone, call out a bloody name, Don’t be stupid with it.

Don’t call out the champion if you’re nowhere near. Be realistic in your expectations but always have something to say, always try to entertain the world, always try and make the most out of that moment. Because the reality is, it might be six months, you might get injured, it might be a year, and in this sport, it’s just a sad reality, you get forgotten about really quick. You get stepped over and overlooked really quick”.

Michael Bisping