Carlos Condit: "Having five defeats in a row was hard, very hard."

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Carlos Condit: "Having five defeats in a row was hard, very hard."

With Saturday’s win against Matt Brown, 36-year-old Carlos Condit managed to combine two wins in the Octagon for the first time since 2012. More importantly, he did so after having been in a five-game losing streak before.

Nevertheless, the UFC gave him the opportunity to complete his contract, and "Natural Born Killer" finished it in the best possible way. The fight against Matt Brown is something that fans have long wanted to see, but in the end, they may have been disappointed, as the fight was mostly held on the ground floor, where Condit quite convincingly took the lead and celebrated with a unanimous decision.

It was not a monotonous or uninteresting skirmish, but it was certainly not what people expected, guided by the kind of wars on their feet they had both participated in before. But Condit is of course pleased. "I was expecting a little more leg fighting too, but in the end, it turned out to be a grappling fight, but it was still great.

I hope it was exciting and that the people who were expecting a crazy war weren't disappointed." "I'm personally happy that the fight looked like the end result. I came up with some really good demolitions in a variety of ways, I succeeded in a lot of things that I worked on."

Carlos said, to whom this was only the fifth of 18 UFC fights in which he knocked down an opponent at least once.

Offer has not come

So the UFC did the contract in a quality way, confirming that he can still be counted on.

Sports fans have always loved watching him and no doubt that they are hoping he will continue his collaboration with the promotion, but the offer of a new contract has not come yet. But he hopes Condit negotiates, especially since he is convinced he has left bad performances behind.

"Having five defeats in a row was hard, very hard. Every time I would come to the fight convinced that I was perfectly prepared and then I wouldn't have what it takes." "You can get in good shape, you can look good in sparring, but you have to appear in the fight.

You have to be good on the day of the fight, which I have been most of my career, "he explained what happened to him, expressing his hope for continued cooperation: "Honestly, I don't know what's next for me.

I have a couple of things I'm leaning towards, but I have something else to fix. I love the UFC, I had a great series at the time. I grew up with Zuff, first the WEC and then the UFC. We'll see what happens."