Lerone Murphy honored to fight Edson Barboza: “Elite of the elite”

Lerone Murphy explains how he feels fighting someone like Edson Barboza.

by Aryan Lakhani
Lerone Murphy honored to fight Edson Barboza: “Elite of the elite”
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Lerone Murphy will be stepping into the first main event fight of his career; it is nothing but a surreal moment for him. What matters to him more than featuring at a ‘main event’ is the opponent he’s facing: Edson Barboza.

This Saturday night, the undefeated Lerone Murphy is set for a featherweight clash against the veteran Edson Barboza. Lerone Murphy hopes that a win seals his spot at the upcoming UFC 304 event.

Lerone Murphy on fighting Edson Barboza

During the recent media day, Lerone Murphy shared his thoughts on facing Edson Barboza. “Not really the aspect of being main event, that’s not really it,” Murphy said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

“Who I’m fighting is more so the big thing. I’m fighting Edson Barboza, a legend of the sport, a dangerous fighter. That’s what excited me, yeah. … (A win) puts me up there, solidifies my name, puts me among the elite of the elite.

It gives me a shot at that top 10 afterward".

Lerone Murphy on fighting at UFC 304 Of course

"I want to be on that card, It’s a Manchester card. I’m a Mancunian. I say, again, I’m the only Mancunian on the roster ever, born and bred.

So it’d only be right for me to be on there. But I think it’s six weeks away. Obviously, I’m in a five-round fight. I don’t expect on there. But if we can get through this fight unscathed and with a win, then I’ll definitely be asking the matchmaker to put me on”.