Khabib: "Let them do something spectacular and make me want to come back."

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Khabib: "Let them do something spectacular and make me want to come back."

Even after Dane White’s address on Saturday, we can’t say for sure whether or not Khabib Nurmagomedov will return to the Octagon for at least one more fight, but the undefeated Dagestani seems to be seriously considering returning to the cage.

But a lot will also depend on the events at UFC 257! The UFC president and Khabib met in Abu Dhabi on Friday, and on Saturday during the broadcast of the UFC on ABC 1 show White announced that the spectacular performance of one of the four fighters at the January 23 event could force Nurmagomedov to return to the cage!

Khabib reportedly wants to see something spectacular, and a potential rival could be obtained from the fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, but also the one in which we will watch Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler.

Another candidate is Charles Oliveira, whose performance against Tony Ferguson seems to have impressed Nurmagomedov.

Charles Oliveira

Oliveira had a great fight and has impressed many UFC fans, not just Khabib. He has shown his strength, skill and is one of the best UFC fighters.

Given all that, it would be interesting to watch him in the ring along with Nurmagomedov “He thinks he’s achieved everything he wanted to achieve,” White began, then moved on to the details from the long-awaited meeting.

"He thought Charles Oliveira looked good against Tony Ferguson. And next Saturday we have a fight between McGregor and Poirier and Chandler and Hooker. "He said he would watch it, but also that he would never keep the category," Dana added, quoting an alleged Khabib.

statement: "Let them do something spectacular, show me something spectacular and make me want to come back." White looked quite optimistic and despite Khabib’s decision this way he made one fantastic announcement and commercial for UFC 257 that will now definitely be even more interesting to both fans and fighters.

"I have a feeling that if someone, it could be both in the title and in the main fight, and he said that Oliveira looked good ... If they do something special, Khabib will fight them. It took him a while to clear his head, and if these guys do what I think they’re going to do next weekend, it sounds to me that he might be interested in fighting one of them, ”White concluded It will be interesting to see if Nurmagomedov plays with his audience or still has an agreement with White to make UFC 257 as popular as possible.