Dominick Cruz believes Jose Aldo won't re-sign with the UFC: "Why would he"

Dominick Cruz shares his thoughts on Jose Aldo picking Jonathan Martinez over him at UFC 301.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dominick Cruz believes Jose Aldo won't re-sign with the UFC: "Why would he"
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Dominick Cruz seems to be a little upset about the fact that Jose Aldo chose Jonathan Martinez over him for a clash at UFC 301. Dominick Cruz was looking forward to facing Jose Aldo and is still perplexed about Aldo's opponent selection.

For some vague reason, Dominick Cruz believes with firm conviction that Jose Aldo won't continue his journey with the UFC and will float around as a free agent. However, recently on The MMA Hour, Jose Aldo expressed great will to continue his journey as an MMA fighter and is waiting to hear from Dana White.

Dominick Cruz on Jose Aldo selecting Jonathan Martinez over him

Recently on the Anik & Florian podcast, Dominick Cruz spoke about Jose Aldo avoiding a fight with him at UFC 301.

"Since you brought up Aldo, I'll start with I saw his words were that they offered him to fight me but he wanted somebody in the top five, or, 'He's not in the top five,'" Cruz said, as quoted by "Is Jonathan Martinez in the top five? OK, so there's that.

And then, why would you want to be in the top five unless you're going to fight for the title? Is he planning on renegotiating his contract for another six fights and going for the title?".

Dominick Cruz on Jose Aldo's next step

"He's not going to renegotiate," Cruz said, as quoted by

"Why would he sign for another six fights in the UFC? He's not going to do that. He's going to go be a free agent."