Jose Aldo reveals that he’s receiving a lot of fight offers: “It’s time to negotiate”

Jose Aldo shares his thoughts on continuing his MMA journey in UFC.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jose Aldo reveals that he’s receiving a lot of fight offers: “It’s time to negotiate”
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Jose Aldo’s recent interview suggests that he’s more driven to continue his MMA journey, which rules out the possibility of featuring in a boxing match at the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson event. Nothing concrete has been announced yet, as Jose Aldo is still in the negotiation stage.

If the UFC is successful in fulfilling Jose Aldo’s contractual expectations, then the chances are high for fans to see him extending his stay at the UFC.

Jose Aldo on fight offers

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Jose Aldo explained why he’s considering extending his MMA career.

“But now, yes, it’s time to negotiate,” Aldo said as quoted by “It’s time to sit down with UFC and see what’s best for us. We’re negotiating, ‘Dede’ [Andre Pederneiras] is talking directly with Sean [Shelby] in meetings.

We’re waiting to see what happens. We have several offers on the table, but from the UFC, we’re just starting [to negotiate]. It’s on ‘Dede’, Sean, and Dana [White] now, to sit at the table and decide what’s best for my life”.

Jose Aldo on continuing his MMA journey

“I have to give priority to what I have my entire life, right? Thank God, the Aldo I am today, and what I do today, that’s thanks to the UFC. I want to sit down with the UFC first.

Who knows, maybe [I’ll continue] in MMA. I was doing this for 20 years, always giving everything I had. I never went out, never took vacations, nothing but training and training. This time away was good for me and my head, my body.

I could recover. I consider myself a great MMA fighter again”.