Colby Covington wants Belal Muhammad next: “He doesn’t deserve a title fight”

Colby Covington explains why he wants to fight Belal Muhammad.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington wants Belal Muhammad next: “He doesn’t deserve a title fight”
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Colby Covington is ready to fight Belal Muhammad next; he’s called it an “easy match”. Belal Muhammad has patiently been waiting for his promised title shot opportunity, but to his dismay, nothing official has been announced so far.

Colby Covington, like the majority of the people in the MMA community, believes that Belal Muhammad does not deserve the title shot. Colby’s motive behind calling out Belal Muhammad seems to be quite clear; perhaps it’s a fight that could get him closer to getting a title shot again.

Colby Covington on fighting Belal Muhammad

Recently on Submission Radio, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on fighting Belal Muhammad.

“I would like Belal,” Covington said, as quoted by "He’s talked a lot of smack. I want that racist to catch a fade. ‘Remember the Racist’ – he’s out there saying that I only got my title shot ‘because of white privilege.'

Colby Covington on Belal Muhammad’s rankings

“Now he’s squatting on his ranking, Guys, he should have to come out and fight. I think we should fight. I think that’s the fight that should be next.

He doesn’t deserve a title fight, guys.How long has he sat out? He sat up for over a year. He’s squatting on his ranking. That’s not right, guys. He’s squatting. He doesn’t deserve it. What does he deserve? What has he done lately? When was his last fight?”

Colby Covington