Benoit Saint Denis believes Dustin Poirier has a chance against Islam Makhachev

Benoit Saint Denis explains why he thinks Dustin Poirier has a chance against Islam Makhachev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Benoit Saint Denis believes Dustin Poirier has a chance against Islam Makhachev
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Benoit Saint-Denis can foresee Dustin Poirier claiming a win against Islam Makhachev. Dustin Poirier is being heavily underestimated ahead of his fight, as Islam Makhachev is the favourite to win. MMA enthusiasts and keen fight observers know that the upcoming lightweight title fight will include a lot of grappling/wrestling/ground game, and that lone factor could dictate the outcome of the match.

Benoit Saint-Denis on Dustin Poirier vs Islam Makhachev

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Benoit Saint-Denis shared his thoughts on Dustin Poirier vs Islam Makhachev.

“He’s precise, he’s well rounded, he’s composed,” Saint Denis said, as quoted by “He’s able to weather the storm, a lot of experience, tough guy. Nobody can give Poirier no chance at all at winning any fight in the lightweight division.

Of course, Makhachev is well rounded. He will be well prepared. I do know what type of game plan Makhachev is going to have against Poirier. It’s very obvious. He will try to follow (Nurmagomedov’s) steps or Charles Oliveira’s steps because it seems to be the easiest path to victory against Poirier, but Poirier will work on that, as well.

He’s also well rounded, and it will be a great fight. He can get it done, but of course the favorite is the champion”.

Benoit Saint-Denis believes Dustin Poirier deserves the title shot

“Not at all, It’s all a question of calendars.

If you look at who is booked and who is not and who has faced who, the age, the placement of these guys, the grind, it’s not something undeserved. A lot of guys deserve the title shot, but this time it was him. He did great, so well deserved”.

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