Beneil Dariush breaks silence on his return: “I’ll be back soon”

Beneil Dariush is almost done with his recovery time, he hopes to fight once before the year ends.

by Aryan Lakhani
Beneil Dariush breaks silence on his return: “I’ll be back soon”
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Beneil Dariush faced back-to-back setbacks that came in the form of vicious knockouts. As a result, he was forced to take a break. Dariush’s coaches asked him to stop intense training and focus on recovery. However, the good news is that the phase of recovery will soon come to an end.

Beneil Dariush looks forward to fighting once before the year ends; he wants to fight somewhere between August and December.

Beneil Dariush on his phase of recovery

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Beneil Dariush revealed his possible return time frame.

“The whole goal was to be patient and to rest my body and most importantly my brain,” Dariush said, as quoted by “Everybody around me was telling me to rest. So, I said I wouldn’t do anything too crazy.

Just grappling and hitting mitts for six months and then I would slowly start to put on the small gloves and do small-glove sparring, really focused on grappling still. That started in May, as in now. I had one session so far, I think, and it was really fun.

I missed it quite a bit".

Beneil Dariush on his possible return

“If his plan is I’m done, I’m done, but currently I don’t think that’s the situation. I think I’ll be back soon. If it was up to me, it would have been yesterday.

But obviously I’m trying to be patient, listening to my coaches, my wife, my family, and hopefully either end of summer or early winter or something. I definitely want to get a fight in before the year ends is what I’m trying to say”.