Colby Covington on receiving an offer to fight Ian Machado Garry: “He’s just lying”

Colby Covington shares that Ian Machado Garry is 'lying' about sending a fight offer.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington on receiving an offer to fight Ian Machado Garry: “He’s just lying”
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Colby Covington has been going back and forth with Ian Machado Garry for quite a while now, and since Machado Garry hasn’t fulfilled his end of the bargain, Covington isn’t interested in fighting him. According to Ian Machado Garry, fight offers were sent to Colby Covington, but he hasn’t signed them yet.

Colby Covington denies these claims; he will only fight Machado Garry if he fulfils the 3 stipulations.

Colby Covington on Ian Machado Garry

Recently on The Rush Podcast, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on Ian Machado Garry’s recent claims.

“We all know that he’s a cuck, but now we know he’s a liar,” Covington said, as quoted by “UFC, Hunter (Campbell), Dana (White), they haven’t talked to me about this fight.

This fight has not been presented. He’s just lying and he’s trying to get clickbait and people to talk about him. I don’t know who I’m fighting, I gave him stipulations. I said, ‘Hey, if you want to fight me and you’re serious about business, just show me you’re serious because when I show up, I want to make money because I’m trying to do good business".

Colby Covington on Ian Machado not showing up

“We already saw at our last press conference he didn’t show up because he knew I was going to have a live mic. He’s already scared to show up to a press conference when he’s not fighting me, what’s going to happen when he’s at a press conference and has to fight me.

He’s probably not going to show up. I gave him stipulations. If you want to fight me and show that you’re serious about business, turn on your comments”.

Colby Covington wants Khamzat Chimaev

Interestingly, Colby Covington showed interest in fighting Khamzat Chimaev:

Colby Covington