Alexander Volkanovski ready to entertain Max Holloway quadrilogy

Alexander Volkanovski explains why he's interested to fight Alexander Volkanovski again.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski ready to entertain Max Holloway quadrilogy
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The BMF belt has become a focal point ever since Max Holloway captured it. Interestingly, Max Holloway is in high demand and is getting many fight offers. The former featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is ready to fight Max Holloway for the 4th time even after beating him thrice already.

His motivation is the BMF belt. However, Ilia Topuria will most likely face Max Holloway next.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting Max Holloway

In a recent interview with Fox News Australia, Alexander Volkanovski shared his thoughts on fighting Max Holloway again.

“Would I fight him (Holloway)? I mean, now that he’s got a BMF we might have to do this, you know what I mean?” Volkanovski said, as quoted by “I was always sitting there like, ‘How could you do it (a fourth fight)?’ But maybe there is that something there – you know, there’s a BMF now.

For me, it’s 3-0, how can you get yourself out of bed for that? A BMF is something I haven’t touched before, so maybe we can do that, you know? So we’ll see what happens”.

Alexander Volkanovski Max Holloway