Islam Makhachev cracks the code to win against Dustin Poirier: “I have the key”

Islam Makhachev shares his thoughts on Dustin Poirier's biggest weakness: grappling.

by Aryan Lakhani
Islam Makhachev cracks the code to win against Dustin Poirier: “I have the key”
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Any hard-core MMA fan will easily spot Dustin Poirier’s weakness, especially after watching him fail in a similar fashion for his last two title shots against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Charles Oliveira. It’s his 'ground game' that needs fixing; Dustin Poirier is a phenomenal striker.

However, his grappling/ground game is the only tick mark that doesn’t tick in title fights. It didn’t take much time for Islam Makhachev to recognize Dustin Poirier’s weakness, and he is more than ready to exploit it on 1st June.

Dustin Poirier must also be aware of his weakness, and it will be very interesting to see how well-prepared he is for perhaps the final title fight of his career.

Islam Makhachev on Dustin Poirier’s weakness

In a recent interview with TMZ, Islam Makhachev shared his thoughts on Dustin Poirier’s ground game.

“Dustin, he is a warrior, legend – he has more than everybody experience in this sport,” Makhachev said, as quoted by “But his problem is his style. That’s the one problem this guy has.

His weak point is wrestling and grappling, and I have the key for the easy fight. And if I follow the plan, I can beat him easy. My style and Khabib’s style, it’s worst style for Dustin. People who can can take him down, hold him there, it always gives him problems.

Dustin is a good opponent because Oliveira, Arman, I beat these guys already,” Makhachev said. “My dream fight for this division is Gaethje, but he lose already. Right now in our weight, we just have Dustin because Arman said no, Oliveira lose, Gaethje lose.

We don’t have someone”.

Islam Makhachev’s guillotine attempts

“Dustin, be ready and wrestle a lot, I defend my neck, I’m ready for your guillotine. It’s not happening in our fight, but I will be ready”.

Islam Makhachev Dustin Poirier