Felder:"If they called me for that fight against Diaz, I'd be absolutely interested."

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Felder:"If they called me for that fight against Diaz, I'd be absolutely interested."

In his address to the media after coming to Fight Island and going through the required isolation time, Dana White said something about the UFC’s plans for Nate Diaz. In short, he said that they are working on a fight for him, it would be held in the lightweight category and a victory would put Nate in a very good position.

After such a mysterious discovery that actually revealed almost nothing, the expected speculations started. Suddenly, the name of Paul Felder surfaced, and even photos of "Irish Dragon" and Diaz appeared on social networks, announcing the fight.

Of course, Felder, who is also on Fight Island in the role of commentator, reacted to that. "A lot of people mentioned me or tagged me with the news that a fight was going on between Nate Diaz and me. But that's not true.

If they called me for that fight, I'd be absolutely interested." "As Dan Hooker said on the same subject. I would fight him in the middle or light heavyweight division, it's not a problem. It's a fight you accept regardless of such things.

Nate is a legend and I would love that fight, but this is not about me." "I wish it was me. ", Felder said in an interview with MMA Fighting, after which he was asked if he knew anything about who could be a planned opponent for Nate: "I don't know who it is.

Charles Oliveira said he refused to fight Gaethje so maybe Justin is an opponent for Diaz. I don't have any information inside. But if Gaethje slips on a banana peel and is unable to do that fight, I am ready."

Fight against Dos Anjos

After almost retiring early last year, Paul Felder returned to fighting in an amazing way.

He accepted the fight against Rafael Dos Anjos only five days before the event, he lost weight and did five warrior rounds of the fight, which he unquestionably lost. But he’s back in the right way and fans want to watch him.

Nor has his ranking dropped too much, as he ranks eighth in the lightweight challenger rankings. Now the only question is what follows. "You know me, whatever comes my way, I'm ready to answer. We're waiting right now, but I'm sure I'm still in the game, how I'm going to fight.

I found myself a little nailed to the wall, there was some controversy about the decision to fight Dan Hooker." "Then I accepted the last fight only five days before the event, but it's still a defeat. So I have two defeats in a row for the second time in my career."

"Last time I came back in revenge, so I believe it's possible this time as well. But I am still not there nor do I have the right to throw my name among the Top 5. We need to win again ", he explained his situation very calmly and responsibly.