Beneil Dariush’s coach breaks silence on the break: “Benny had a very rough year”

Rafael Cordeiro talks through Beneil Dariush's back-to-back losses and explains why he took some time off training.

by Aryan Lakhani
Beneil Dariush’s coach breaks silence on the break: “Benny had a very rough year”
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Beneil Dariush fell a few inches short from fulfilling his dream to fight for the lightweight belt. Charles Oliveira and Arman Tsarukyan snatched the opportunity away from him by securing explosive 1st round knockouts. Dariush’s coach, Rafael Cordeiro, has been with him while he faced back-to-back setbacks and asked him to take a break.

However, the good news is that Beneil Dariush is back in the gym and can be expected to return during the second half of the year.

Rafael Cordeiro on Beneil Dariush’s back-to-back losses

Recently on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Rafael Cordeiro explained why Beneil Dariush took some time off training.

“Benny had a very rough year last year,” Cordeiro said, as quoted by “He had two knockouts and three knockdowns. He was knocked down twice and knocked out once in the gym, and then fought Charles and was TKO’d.

He fought Arman next and was knocked out. He had five situations during the year where his head was hurt. He’s a young kid, and it was a request I made for him to take some time”.

Rafael Cordeiro on critics hoping for Beneil Dairush to retire

“I don’t worry as a coach, I worry as a father.

I have him as my kid and I don’t need to put him to real test for nothing right now, benny won eight and lost two of his last 10 fights and some people want him to retire. That’s absurd. It’s disrespectful with his story, but since we can’t listen to noise or things we can’t control, we’ll focus on his health.

Let’s see the fights that make sense for him for the moment he’s physically recovered. I’m not talking about confidence. He has confidence. It’s more of a neurological thing. I want him to worry about it for a moment because he was hit a lot”.