Michael Bisping cautions Islam Makhachev on pursuing a fight with Leon Edwards

Michael Bisping shares his thoughts on Islam Makhachev's urge to fight Leon Edwards.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping cautions Islam Makhachev on pursuing a fight with Leon Edwards
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The UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev aspires to dominate over one more division. He wants to dethrone Leon Edwards and claim the prestigious welterweight belt. Michael Bisping wants Makhachev to reconsider his quest to share the cage with Leon Edwards.

Michael Bisping believes Leon Edwards' grappling/ground game shouldn’t be underestimated.

Michael Bisping on Islam Makhachev hoping to fight Leon Edwards

In a recent YouTube video, Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on Islam Makhachev, mentioning Leon Edwards's name for a potential showdown.

“He wants a shot to become the two-weight division champion just like he offered Volkanovski,” Bisping said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “But be careful what you wish for because Leon Edwards, right – Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards is an absolute sniper in there.

And look at what he just did to Colby Covington. Now apparently Colby Covington says that he broke his foot in the first round. And he also said that the judges, well, they were Democrats, and because of his love for Donald Trump, that’s why they didn’t give him the decision.

The reality was it wasn’t a close fight”.

Michael Bisping on Leon Edwards wrestling and takedowns

“Leon Edwards is not a wrestler, but he’s a black belt in defending takedowns and stopping takedowns against the fence, that first round against Kamaru Usman, in that second one when he knocked him out: ‘Head shot, dead.’ Remember: nice little foot trip, got the mount, took the back, got the body triangle, was looking for the rear-/ choke.

… (Makhachev) wants a chance to be great, OK? And Islam, he’s probably just getting headlines because he knows damn well there’s a lot of opposition out there”.

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