Anthony Smith wants to cross paths with Alex Pereira: “We both would jump on it”

Anthony Smith looks forward to fighting Alex Pereira in the near future.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith wants to cross paths with Alex Pereira: “We both would jump on it”
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Anthony Smith wants to share the cage with the UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. Realistically, Anthony Smith is 3-4 significant wins away from securing a title fight; he’s currently scheduled to fight the 15th ranked light heavyweight contender Vitor Petrino on 4th May at UFC 301.

Highlighting performances and key moments will play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of any fighter from the top 5. It will be interesting to see if Anthony Smith can work his way to the top and fulfil his desire to fight Alex Pereira.

Anthony Smith on fighting Alex Pereira

Recently on Submission Radio, Anthony Smith shared his thoughts on fighting Alex Pereira.

“Yeah, he’s fun, and him and I have had our words back-and-forth,” Smith said as quoted by “I don’t think that there’s any real beef there, but there’s definitely something there with him and I, where, given the opportunity, we both would jump on it.

“If I can put myself into a position where, holy* , here, we’re on a little bit of a streak and things are going well, the timing works out, I think both of us would jump on that opportunity. And I don’t know why that is.

… I don’t know – real recognizes real, a little bit”.

Anthony Smith on other contender’s willingness to fight Alex Pereira

“I’m one of the few guys probably that would step in the fire with him, and he knows that, Is (Magomed) Ankalaev going to stand in the pocket and trade with Alex Pereira and really play that game? Probably not.

You know what I mean? Which is probably the worst matchup in the division for, not just him, and * everybody else. That guy’s kind of the boogeyman just floating around out there. But I like (a Pereira fight). I like it, and I like Pereira’s game. I like his game a lot. It’s fun”.

Anthony Smith Alex Pereira