Sean O’Malley Addresses Merab Dvalishvili Fight Delay: “I’m trying to book it”

Sean O’Malley shares his thoughts on fighting Merab Dvalishvili and explains the reason behind the delay of fight announcement.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean O’Malley Addresses Merab Dvalishvili Fight Delay: “I’m trying to book it”
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Sean O’Malley wants everyone to know that he’s not avoiding Merab Dvalishvili; he’s just waiting for the right moment. Sean O’Malley isn’t strongly interested in fighting outside the US, which is why he is having a difficult time signing up for an event.

MMA enthusiasts can expect Sean O’Malley vs Merab Dvalishvili to get announced in the second half of the year. If Sean O’Malley wins, he could end up facing Ilia Topuria and get an opportunity to add a second belt to his collection.

Sean O’Malley on booking the Merab Dvalishvili fight

Recently on the TimboSugarShow podcast, Sean O’Malley explained how he’s eagerly waiting to fight him.

“I’m trying to book it. I’m trying to get it booked ASAP,” O’Malley said, as quoted by “The only issue is that some of the next pay-per-views aren’t in the country, and I’m not fighting out of the country – not necessarily because I don’t want to.

I don’t want to, but, they have other people that take other places. But I’m ready to go. I’m * wanting to book a fight ASAP. God, I just want to hit him with that knee: Boom – flatline him, After his Henry (Cejudo) fight, he’s like, ‘Man, I was just having so much fun in there, didn’t even feel like a fight.’ I need to make him feel like, ‘OK, it’s not that fun.

I’m getting * punched at a distance, and I can’t really close. This isn’t fun.’ Henry fight was fun because Henry – I mean, he did crack him once, but he was just able to grab him, take him down, grab, take him down, punch him.

I need to make it not fun – not enjoyable to be in there”.

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