Spencer Fisher openly spoke about his mental problems

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Spencer Fisher openly spoke about his mental problems

Anyone who has watched the UFC for long periods of time, especially during the 2000s and these “double-digit” PPV shows, knows very well who Spencer Fisher is. Today, the 44-year-old former fighter is one of the first true UFC warriors.

A fighter whose every performance was watched with complete concentration because it was known that something miraculous could happen every second. He always fought openly, ready to take a kick to hit his own after it and the fans adored him.

In fact, not only fans, he was adored by the UFC promotion, including Dana White, who came to the promotion at about the same time as this fighter. However, his career came to a halt in 2012. After the defeat in the third fight against Sam Stout, medical testing showed serious neurological problems, and the impossibility of obtaining a license followed.

Symptoms after the fight against France

In fact, Spencer admits today that the problems started back in 2007, after the defeat by Hermes France. The blow with which he was knocked out in that fight changed something for him.

The first nasty symptoms are remembered by his longtime wife Emily, to whom Spencer told after that fight that he must prepare for the fight, not realizing that he had already done it and lost it. The next day at the airport he tried to walk straight along the line and failed.

These were the first symptoms he noticed, but despite them, he did 11 more fights. But today he and his wife admit that his behavior started to change just after the mentioned fight, together with his character. He lost control much easier, he knew how to be abrupt and explosive.

He retired in 2013, after which the UFC gave him a job in promotion. His goal was purely promotional, to appear at events where he would be invited, that is, he had a similar contract as Chuck Liddell or Forest Griffin. However, at the beginning of 2017, his contract was terminated, after which he was left without the amount of five thousand dollars a month that he provided.

He was already in serious therapy at the time. They have been living hard ever since the money earned in their martial arts career has been spent. But worst of all is Spencer’s serious condition. Namely, he was diagnosed with CTE disorder, and he finally decided to talk about it.

MMA Fighting thus made a great story about Spencer’s career and life after it. "I forget where I'm going, I have bouts of depression, confusion, and dizziness, I call people by the wrong names or I don't know their names at all."

"There are times when I can't remember my children's names. I lost my balance around everything, I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday and where I was." "A week earlier I was completely in the dark. I have the support of my family who understands my condition and tries to help me"