White: "We've just taken one very important step in the fight against piracy"

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White: "We've just taken one very important step in the fight against piracy"

Dana White entered 2021 with one clear goal, an open war against piracy, or in their case illegal "streaming" of events. This is something that all sports face and which in large numbers has led to a reduction in PPV transmission modes.

The UFC still sticks to its biggest shows and is certainly the most financially viable option on the domestic market. It would be even more cost-effective for them if there were no services that allow illegal transfers and their users.

Some of these are free, while some charge their customers for the service. Of course, much less than the UFC itself, whose PPV shows in the US currently cost $ 65 (about $ 400). It's hard to estimate how much of a financial loss the UFC has, but it's certainly big enough to deal with it in a more serious way and start fighting it.

And here, of course, the biggest problem is those who steal that content and present it on the Internet. Of course, the UFC is bothered by their users, but it is impossible to fight against them. Actually, the question is whether it is possible against this other side of the deal, but they will definitely try.

Dana on the fight against piracy

"We're one of those organizations that's very productive in the fight against piracy. I like how cool and strong these guys are on social media, and now I'll tell you why.

We've caught a lot of people and you know what they do then? They cry and they beg us not to sue them and everything that goes with it, ”White said in an interview with Mac Life, adding: "We've just taken one very important step in the fight against piracy and in 2021 we're going to catch a lot of these guys.

I can't wait to see them cry and beg. We'll see how strong they are when it comes to them." He also cited one example, which came about on his Instagram. Namely, there he often encounters provocations from people who reveal their intention to follow the event for free in the comments.

"There was a guy in the comments on my Instagram. He wrote people to call him if they wanted to watch the fights. That guy steals information from people. It's those people who call him. He takes your money and charges you with your credit card.

Those guys are damned criminals, "he said, continuing his plans: "They will never disappear. They will always be there and we will never be able to get rid of them all. I just want to catch a few of them, that's what I plan.

We will never be able to shut them all down, the pirate industry will be there forever. But give me to catch a couple of them and we'll see what happens. And I'll catch them, and soon! " Every state has its own law on this issue.

Somewhere they are very strict and possession of illegal material can result in the confiscation of the entire computer and related equipment. On the other hand, in some, "piracy" has already reached the status of a folk custom. And for years, there have been mentions of laws that would address this, but they don’t come.