Alex Pereira confused about heavyweight debut: “It’s hard to answer”

Alex Pereira speaks about his future plans, he seems to be a little confused.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira confused about heavyweight debut: “It’s hard to answer”
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The UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira wants to push brakes on ruling the light heavyweight division and make a jump to heavyweight. However, Alex Pereira is most confused about the timing. He does not want his urge to fight at heavyweight delay a potential title defense at light heavyweight.

Alex Pereira doesn’t even have a name in mind; he wanted to show up for UFC 301, but his toe injury has prevented him from making the quickest returns in the history of UFC.

Alex Pereira on his next fight

Recently on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Alex Pereira expressed confusion about his future fights.

“It’s hard to answer that. I haven’t thought too much about it yet,” Pereira said, as quoted by “If it’s a longer period of time, I’d obviously rather defend my belt.

If it takes too long and I fight at heavyweight and there are injuries, when am I going to defend my belt? I don’t want to hold up the division. I was imagining the best-case scenario [when I called for a heavyweight fight at UFC 301], but I have two broken toes.

Both feet are *. It’s complicated. I don’t want to hold up the light heavyweight division.

Alex Pereira on fighting at UFC 301

“A cool scenario would have been fighting at heavyweight [at UFC 301] and then giving the opportunity to someone to fight for the light heavyweight belt next.

I think that would have been cool. I don’t want to fight at the end of the year, I want to fight sooner, so maybe that shows he won’t be ready. I don’t know why he said that”.

Alex Pereira