Aljamain Sterling requests Max Holloway to stay at 155: “We don’t want you back down”

Aljamain Sterling shares his thoughts on Max Holloway's recent win.

by Aryan Lakhani
Aljamain Sterling requests Max Holloway to stay at 155: “We don’t want you back down”
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Aljamain Sterling carefully observed the lightweight clash between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje. After watching the iconic fight, Aljamain Sterling has a message for Max Holloway, and that is to stay at 155! The magnificent last-second knockout is being appreciated by the entire world, and it actually made a few contenders fear Max Holloway more than ever before.

A prime example is Renato Moicano:

Aljamain Sterling on Max Holloway’s knockout win

Recently on The MMA Hour, Aljamain Sterling shared his thoughts on Max Holloway’s recent win and asked him to stay at 155 pounds.

“[But] clean right on the chin, and man, that was as beautiful of an overhand right that you can land tight in the pocket like that. And unfortunately Gaethje had to eat that, and that’s the game, man,” Sterling said as quoted by

“The pictures of that, those are going to be some legendary iconic photos. Like, I know what that feels like to kind of be that man face-down, so that sucks, and hopefully Gaethje is OK now. And I’m fans of both of those guys, but that was badass.

And now hopefully, Max, stay your * at 155! We don’t want you back down here!”.

Aljamain Sterling on Max Holloway vs Ilia Topuria

“I don’t know [who I’m going to pick to win]. It’s hard for me to say because I think if Ilia’s smart and the striking doesn’t work out, he goes and takes Max Holloway down, uses that elite-level grappling, and that can be the difference in the fight”.

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