Justin Gaethje reflects on the bitter loss: “It was a huge risk”

Justin Gaethje shares his thoughts on the facing a tough loss agaisnt Max Holloway

by Aryan Lakhani
Justin Gaethje reflects on the bitter loss: “It was a huge risk”
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Max Holloway’s iconic performance snatched Justin Gaethje’s BMF belt and derailed his hopes of getting a title fight. However, Justin Gaethje does not regret one bit of it. He enjoyed having someone like Max Holloway as his dance partner.

As far as corrections are concerned, Justin Gaethje believes nothing about his current fighting style needs changing. He wants people to expect the same fighting rhythm in his forthcoming fights.

Justin Gaethje on accepting a fight with Max Holloway

In a recent interview with MMA Knockout, Justin Gaethje shared his thoughts on facing a loss against Max Holloway.

“I think a lot of people in my position would have set out not taking (the Holloway fight),” Gaethje said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I have no regrets. I had so much fun. I think it was such a huge, historic card for the UFC, and to be a part of that, to be the best fight on that card, is going to live on forever.

It was a huge risk. I failed, and if I would have won that fight, if I’d got a quick knockout, I would have been taking that fight (against Makhachev). But it’s just the name of the game”.

Justin Gaethje on making corrections

“Even if I wanted to change how I fight, it’s really not possible.

That’s how I compete. It’s how I’ve competed since I was a kid. And so the next time I step in there, ‘the best live show on earth.’ We’ll see if I have as good a dance partner as I had (with Holloway), but my intentions will be the same”.

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