Jorge Masvidal happy to see Max Holloway with the BMF belt: “That’s a BMF”

Jorge Masvidal shares his thoughts on Max Holloway winning the BMF belt.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal happy to see Max Holloway with the BMF belt: “That’s a BMF”
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Max Holloway’s recent performance has put a smile on the former UFC BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal. Justin Gaethje was never on Masvidal’s favourite fighter list, due to which he is pleased to see Max Holloway holding the belt.

Jorge Masvidal qualifies Max Holloway as a ‘BMF’ and is thrilled to see how well he performs in his future fights. Max Holloway could most likely fight Ilia Topuria next in the featherweight division.

Jorge Masvidal on Max Holloway

Recently on The MMA Hour, Jorge Masvidal shared his thoughts on Max Holloway becoming the new BMF title holder.

“It’s so awesome that Max has it right now,” Masvidal said, as quoted by “I couldn’t think of a better mother* to hold it. That’s a BMF. He understands the code of the BMF. One of us here has to be no longer on their feet when this bell rings.

It’s the greatest * thing ever. And after going through that battle, like you said, he’s up worst-case scenario 3-2. He’s * clearly winning the fight in my book. Gaethje had some moments, but he was never in control or winning the fight.

So for him to do that, that little point — when that dude points at the ground, whoever the * you are, become an Olympic track sprinter. Do the opposite. Don’t * engage. He’s everybody’s favorite fighter. He’s all fighters’ favorite fighter. I’ve always loved Max”.

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