Jorge Masvidal confirms UFC return: "I'm definitely coming back to the UFC"

Jorge Masvidal shares his thoughts on returning to the UFC.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal confirms UFC return: "I'm definitely coming back to the UFC"
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Jorge Masvidal's retirement plans were never permanent; the buzz of fighting eventually caught up to him. From fan's reaction to the after-fight rush, Jorge Masvidal misses it all. After a few more boxing matches, Jorge Masvidal will be on his way to the UFC cage and start his legacy again.

Interestingly, Jorge Masvidal already has a list of potential fighters who he would like to compete against inside the boxing ring. He looks forward to fighting:

  • ·Logan Paul
  • ·Floyd Mayweather
  • ·Manny Paquiao
As for now, Jorge Masvidal is all set to clash against Nate Diaz for a boxing rematch on 1st June.

Both fighters are less experienced as professional boxers, which makes it a fair fight.

Jake Paul calls out Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for an MMA fight

Jorge Masvidal on fighting Logan Paul

"I wouldn't mind taking on Logan Paul and rearranging his face," Masvidal said, as quoted by

"He's a hell of a fighter in boxing for being an influencer. He did some good things against (Floyd) Mayweather, but I think I can end that dude. I think I can fight Logan, get my hands on Mayweather, (Manny) Paquiao down the road.

There are other guys I want to fight.

Jorge Masvidal on UFC return

"And I'm definitely coming back to the UFC and get a W for my city, for my family, my kids and everybody that believes in me. I have to go back to the UFC."

Jorge Masvidal