Ben Askren believes Jamahal Hill’s ego cost him the match against Alex Pereira

Ben Askren shares his thoughts on Jamahal Hill vs Alex Pereira.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren believes Jamahal Hill’s ego cost him the match against Alex Pereira
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Overconfidence often leads to failure; fans and MMA experts worldwide felt that the former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill underestimated Alex Pereira and was unnecessarily too full of himself. Jamahal Hill was confident of beating Alex Pereira, but his plans and self-belief or, as Ben Askren said, ‘ego’ came in the way and backfired.

Ben Askren believes Jamahal Hill was too confident, and that factor alone played a role in giving the former champion a taste of defeat.

Ben Askren on Alex Pereira vs Jamahal Hill

Recently on the show “Funky and the Champ”, Ben Askren explained why he thought Jamahal Hill lost to Alex Pereira.

“My general feeling on that fight, I thought Jamahal Hill was a little too confident saying he was going to stand with him,” Askren said, as quoted by “When he hits people, they fall down, and that’s what Jamahal Hill should have been a little more worried about.

I feel like he was too confident. I feel like he disregarded how hard Pereira hits. I feel, honestly – hopefully your buddy (Hill) doesn’t get too mad at you for this. My feeling? Ego. Ego gets involved with fighters.

He thought everyone is saying, ‘Hey, Jamahal, Pereira is the better standup fighter. He’s going to put you down.’ And he said, ‘No, No, it’s not going to happen.’ We talked about when he caught the arrow and broke it. …That’s ego speaking. I did think that maybe put him in harm’s way”.

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