Arman Tsarukyan will not get sued for punching a fan in attendance

Obed Ardon was the fan in attendance who provoked Arman Tsarukyan during his walkout. Obed confirmed that he won't be suing the UFC or Arman Tsarukyan.

by Aryan Lakhani
Arman Tsarukyan will not get sued for punching a fan in attendance
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The UFC lightweight contender Arman Tsarukyan got a little carried away during the walkout. He lost his cool after a fan in attendance showed a disrespectful gesture. Arman Tsarukyan immediately attacked him. Watch the incident below:

Dana White was worried that the UFC would get sued for Arman Tsarukyan’s act.

However, the fan who provoked Arman Tsarukyan recently confessed that he won’t sue anyone. The fan's name is Obed Ardon; he recently opened up about the scenario to BloodyElbow.

Obed Ardon on provoking Arman Tsarukyan

“I will not sue.

That never crossed my mind,” Ardon said, as quoted by “My first thought was I hope I don’t get kicked out. I’d like to apologize to Arman for provoking him by flipping him off. I was buzzing all day, and the moment got to me.

It was my first time attending a live UFC event, and it was absolutely incredible. I’m glad the incident wasn’t as bad as it could have been. “I do want to make clear that I didn’t pull him towards me, yell out offensive words or anything of that nature.

I flipped him off, nothing else. Congrats to Arman on a great performance and best of luck to him against whoever he fights for the title”.

Arman Tsarukyan on the incident

“I’m from Russia, don’t do that please or I’m going to go to prison in the US, He showed me that he wanted to punch me, and I wanted to punch him back, that’s it.

No one shows me ‘* you’ [like that] it doesn’t matter who you are, I’m going to punch you in the face”.