By winning at UFC 300, Max Halloway achieved something that no one has ever done

With the victory over Gaethje, he became the first fighter in the history of the organization to win all existing titles

by Sededin Dedovic
By winning at UFC 300, Max Halloway achieved something that no one has ever done
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

With his dominance at UFC 300, Max Holloway not only won the BMF belt, but also cemented his place in history as one of the most exciting and attractive fighters. His performance was incredible and his brutal knockout was the highlight of the night.

Even before this bout, Holloway was the subject of much praise, but his performance at UFC 300 only further highlighted his excellence. Although many already appreciated his talent, this victory attracted even more attention, including from featherweight champion Ilia Topuria.

Topuria, who previously may have ignored or disparaged Holloway, now has to acknowledge his incredible ability and is likely considering a potential matchup with him in the future. But even Topuria's attention can't overshadow Holloway's $600,000 bonus for winning the BMF belt, which is just another proof of how special this fighter really is.

The epithets that Holloway regularly wins clearly speak of his interest and attractiveness as a fighter. He is not only a top fighter, but also an icon of the sport, whose fights are something MMA fans do not want to miss.

But Holloway is not only the record holder for the number of titles won. His recent win over Justin Gaethje put him on another pedestal in UFC history. He became the first fighter to win all existing titles - interim, undisputed and BMF titles.

It's an achievement that will remain elusive to many, which only further highlights Holloway's incredible talent and exceptionalism. What is particularly interesting is that only a few selected UFC fighters have the opportunity to win the BMF belt.

It is an exclusive title that is not awarded to everyone, but only to those who deserve to be considered the greatest fighters in the sport. Because of this, the list of fighters who could follow in Holloway's footsteps is very short.

Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway exchange strikes during their BMF title fight at T-Mobile Arena on April 13, 2024 in Las Vegas, © Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

One of the potential contenders is Gaethje himself, who has already held the interim and BMF belts, but now needs to win an undisputed title to complete his collection.

Conor McGregor is also in the running, but whether he ever gets the chance to fight for the BMF belt and take it home remains to be seen. However, Max Holloway has long held a special place in the record books. His records for most punches thrown and most significant strikes in UFC history are impressive and probably unattainable for most fighters.

His record-breaking performance against Calvin Kattar in 2021, when he landed an incredible 445 significant strikes over five rounds, is just one of many examples of Holloway's exceptional skill and tenacity. He is a fighter who never gives up and always gives his best in the Octagon.

His ability to adapt during the fight makes him an extremely difficult opponent for any featherweight fighter precisely because he is so unpredictable. His technique, speed and stamina make him very exciting to watch. Each of his performances in the octagon is a real spectacle that attracts the attention of viewers around the world.

"This is the moment. This is what BMF means," Holloway said at the UFC press conference, adding: "I know he would have given me those 10 seconds. He's a dangerous man, I don't know if I'll ever share a cage with a more wicked man.

The draft of his blows shook me! These are the things that mark you in the history books." It's rare these days to see a more sincere respect than that between Holloway and Gaethje. "I was lucky enough to hit him with a roundhouse in the nose.

I heard his trainer tell him not to 'blow it off' and I knew right away what it was all about. Look, fighting four rounds with a broken nose is a very tough thing. Kudos to my brother justin and thanks him for taking the fight he didn't have any of this he's the 'real deal' and thanks again my team it's great to be here now and consider the options," said an emotional Holloway.

In addition to his athletic achievements, Max Holloway also stands out for his charisma and respect for his opponents as now against Gaethje. He is a true role model for young MMA fighters and fans, encouraging them to work hard and dream big.

His popularity and influence extends beyond the world of MMA. His appearance at various media events and interviews only further strengthens his position as one of the most famous and respected athletes of today. He also regularly participates in various charity actions and activities aimed at promoting positive values.

A great match and a well-deserved victory, but credit must also be given to Justin Gaethje, who showed that he is a true warrior.