Jiri Prochazka on Aleksandr Rakic’s trash-talking: “He doesn’t know me personally"

Jiri Prochazka reacts to Aleksandr Rakic's comments about him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jiri Prochazka on Aleksandr Rakic’s trash-talking: “He doesn’t know me personally"
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Jiri Prochakza was one step away from becoming the UFC light heavyweight champion again, but Alex Pereira’s terrific performance snatched the milestone even though Prochakza was inches away. However, there’s always a new bus to catch.

Jiri Prochazka is one massive win away from being considered for another title fight. Jiri Prochazka isn’t very pleased to see his current opponent, Aleksandr Rakic, using trash-talking techniques to enter his mind. Prochazka wants to retaliate with a win.

Jiri Prochakza on Aleksandr Rakic

During the recent media day, Jiri Prochazka shared his thoughts on Aleksandr Rakic questioning his persona as a samurai.

“Aleksandar, he’s talking too much," Prochazka said as quoted by mmafighting.com. "He doesn’t know me and he will know me in the cage. Who I am. Where I am able to go. How [far] I can go to take a win. He doesn’t know me personally.

If you don’t know somebody personally, how can you speak about him? Whatever. “I never said about myself, ‘I’m a samurai,’ because I’m respecting all the warriors from all the history and I’m sharing with the people, with all the world, every time, the best ideas, the best thoughts I’ve ever had, which helped me to improve myself on the way, to keep myself on the way.

He will like that. He doesn’t know nothing about me, how I’m living. I can’t say what I sacrificed, because I accept the way. When you accept the way, you will live whenever, do whatever, that’s it. So he’s talking *”.

Jiri Prochakza wants to reply with a win

“If this is just he’s talking some * and everybody expects I will be mad like, ‘That’s not true’ and ‘I am samurai’ and ‘You will die for what you said,’ that’s just (laughs) *, I will not show nothing. I’m going for a win, that’s all that I can say”.