Cody Brundage ready to damage Bo Nickal: “He knows I can hurt him”

Cody Brundage shares his thoughts on fighting Bo Nickal.

by Aryan Lakhani
Cody Brundage ready to damage Bo Nickal: “He knows I can hurt him”
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Cody Brundage is a few hours away from stepping into the most significant and most historic moments of his life. Not everybody gets an opportunity to be featured on the UFC 300 main card. Brundage is aware of the shadows of doubt surrounding him; more fans are leaning in favour of Bo Nickal to win owing to his other-worldly finish rate.

Cody Brundage thinks people can’t see a threat in him because of his inconsistent performances. However, what matters is that he’s ready to deliver his career-best performance in a few hours.

Cody Brundage reflects on his career

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Cody Brundage shared his thoughts on everyone doubting him.

“The best way to describe my career so far has been inconsistent,” Brundage said, as quoted by “So they don’t really know which version they’re going to get of me. Depending on the version they’re like ‘well Bo Nickal may run through him.’ Obviously, we’re trying to have the good version of Cody show up, the best version.

I don’t even know if the UFC sees it as a competitive fight, which is kind of crazy. Because even in my losses, I don’t feel I’ve ever been run through. Most of the time, I’m winning up until I lose”.

Cody Brundage on Bo Nickal’s previous opponents

“Everybody he’s fought so far, I have more finishes in the UFC than his past opponents have combined wins in the UFC, When you are fighting people you’re not worried if they can hurt you, it’s different.

If Bo’s watched my film, and he comes from a good gym so I’m sure he has, he knows I can hurt him. That alone makes you fight different. When there’s a threat of real danger, real damage and I’m not scared of wrestling and I’m not there to get run over”.