Alex Pereira on Israel Adesanya advising Jamahal Hill: “He knows the test he has”

Alex Pereira believes it's 'good' that Jamahal Hill received advice from Israel Adesanya.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira on Israel Adesanya advising Jamahal Hill: “He knows the test he has”
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Jamahal Hill recently spent some time with Israel Adesanya and received a good chunk of advice for his upcoming fight with Alex Pereira. There’s no one better than Israel Adesanya to consult because he has the most first-hand experience when it comes to fighting Alex Pereira.

Jamahal Hill is absolutely calm and composed for the title fight; Alex Pereira noticed that Israel Adesanya is advising his opponent. He has nothing against it; he believes Jamahal Hill did the right thing. Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira recently faced off.

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Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira's heated moment from the press conference

Alex Pereira on Jamahal Hill’s injury

During the recent media day, Alex Pereira shared his thoughts on Jamahal Hill getting advice from Israel Adesanya.

“I definitely don’t have expectations of him just sitting out, not training because of an injury,” Pereira said, as quoted by “If he signed the contract to fight this fight, he did for a reason.

He knows the test he has ahead of himself, so I’m very aware of it”.

Alex Pereira on Jamahal Hill receiving advise from Israel Adesanya

“I think it was good, actually, it was the best thing he could have done for himself, because if he had went and sparred with Israel Adesanya, it would have been a big frustration for him, especially for the fact that I beat him so many times.

There is no plan. The next step is to keep defending the title, unlimited times. I’m not the kind of guy to call out opponents because I’ll fight anybody. I’m the champ. I’ll keep defending it”.

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