UFC 300 Beyond the Main Event: Prochazka vs. Rakic - A Turning Point for Both Careers

We are only two days away from the jubilee UFC 300 event, whose "fight card" offers enough interesting content that no one can be dissatisfied

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC 300 Beyond the Main Event: Prochazka vs. Rakic - A Turning Point for Both Careers
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Former UFC champion Jiri Prochazka is currently in the spotlight of the fighting community. With his fight with Aleksandar "The Rocket" Rakic just around the corner, many are excited about what will happen in the cage. Although this fight will not take place in the main part of the UFC 300 event, its importance and significance cannot be disputed.

Prochazka, better known as "BJP", recently finished his training camp, preparing for the clash with Rakic. In addition to being an extremely competitive fight, many expect it to be extremely interesting to watch. Prochazka expressed his satisfaction with his quick return to the cage after the last fight.

On The Schmo's YT channel, he expressed his ambitions: "I believe that this performance, if I finish the fight successfully, will bring me closer to another title opportunity. After I win and control this fight, I hope for another title opportunity.

Let's go for it. " He clarified his feelings about possible future opponents: "On the one hand, I would like to see Pereira win, so that we can meet again. But it depends on him. For me, it is important not only to return the title, but also to prove to myself and to everyone else that I have progressed as a fighter.

It is important to always do your best and enjoy the fights themselves." Prochazka last fought at UFC 295 late last year, when he was knocked out by Alex Pereira in the second round. On the other hand, Rakić was last in action in the middle of 2022, when due to an unfortunate knee injury he had to give up the fight against Jan Blachowicz.

However, this fight represents much more than a simple confrontation between two fighters. It symbolizes the journey to the top for both fighters and is very significant considering the career stage of both fighters. Prochazka sees this fight as crucial to get another shot at the belt.

With his performance, he wants to show the world that he is ready for the challenges ahead, and that he is aware of his potential.

In this handout image provided by UFC, (L-R) Aleksandar Rakic of Austria punches Thiago Santos of Brazil in their light heavywei© Handout / Getty Images

And as the day of the fight with Rakic approaches, Prochazka is deeply focused on his goal.

Every day in the camp, every training session, every shot - all this contributes to his preparation for what is to come, but he still has to be aware that his opponent Aleksandar Rakic is also training hard and this match could be a turning point in his career.

In the fight with Rakic, Prochazka sees an opportunity to prove that he was not a champion just like that and, of course, confirmation of his place among the elite of the UFC. Without a doubt, this fight will be filled with excitement and tension, although probably no one is very excited about this match before the start of the UFC because this event will have several fights for the belt.

In the world of MMA, nothing is certain, but even Aleksandar Rakic is not sitting on the couch waiting for this match. He said when he heard that he was going to perform, that it was a great honor for him to have a match at such an important UFC event.

Ten days ago, on his YouTube channel, Rakić showed what the end of his preparations looked like. Top sparring partners, sweat, hard work. "The Rocket" has several different trainers pushing him to his maximum. Juri Viorel Arseniuc is in charge of boxing techniques, wrestling is sharp in the Babak Wrestling club, while Austrian expert Richard Staudner takes care of fitness performances.

He learns jiu jitsu from master black belt Robert Pastuch aka Dojo. Rakić's base is Vienna's Gym 23, which is run by Nebil Sabai. "It is necessary to ensure food and accommodation for all sparring partners, this alone costs me 20 thousand euros without the salary of the coaches.

I pay only one sparring partner more seriously, but I would not name him," said Rakić, showing how seriously he took this match and the opportunity. Considering how important the fight is for both fighters, they will surely enter the first round calmly and slowly, but if the first round passes without a knockout, we are expecting a real fight.

Let's remind you, this will be the first fight for Prochazka after he lost to Alex Pereira by technical knockout in the second round at the UFC 295 event last November. Rakić, on the other hand, is coming off a mid-May 2022 loss to Jan Błachowicz following a third-round stoppage due to "Rocket's" knee injury.