Renato Moicano explains why he chose UFC 300 over Paddy Pimblett: “I want money”

Renato Moicano chose UFC 300 over fighting Paddy Pimblett because of the money offered.

by Aryan Lakhani
Renato Moicano explains why he chose UFC 300 over Paddy Pimblett: “I want money”
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Renato Moicano is like a puzzle which has an empty piece, and that empty piece is money. Moicano had the opportunity to fight Paddy Pimblett, but he chose to fight on the UFC 300 card because of financial aspects. Calculatedly, Renato Moicano thinks he will make more money on UFC 300 card and is looking forward to the increased bonuses.

Here's Renato Moicano casually requesting for a bonus:

Renato Moicano on chosing UFC 300 over Paddy Pimblett

During the recent pre-fight press conference, Renato Moicano explained why he picked UFC 300 over fighting Paddy Pimblett.

“Of course, I wanted Paddy because on paper it was the easiest fight,” Moicano said, as quoted by “The easiest fight and more people know him, so that’s what that’s about.

But at the same time, I don’t choose my opponents, and I don’t have time to sit and wait. I’m 34 years old. I have to fight. I have to get money. I want money. UFC 300. Which card would be better to get money? Of course, Dana White is going to raise the bonuses so I want the bonuses, too.

I think this is a good fight for me, to be honest. Jalin Turner is tough, but I’m better than him”.

Renato Moicano on getting bonus for every knockout

“One hundred percent, (White) should do that on every card.

It’s hard to get a finish in the UFC and I think if you do, you should get more money. But guess what? I don’t make the business. I’m just an employee, so whatever they do, I agree with. He’s very good, He’s very good, but I’ll beat him on Saturday.

I will be in the top 10 and then we’ll see. We’ll see. I don’t have an opponent in mind right now. Definitely, I want to fight somebody in the top 10. I want to get closer to the title and I want more money”.

Paddy Pimblett