Ngannou: "Yes, I want to be more active. But it's not up to me."

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Ngannou: "Yes, I want to be more active. But it's not up to me."

It’s been eight months since we last saw Francis Ngannou in action. With the victory over Jairzinho Rozenstruik, the Cameroonian 'Predator' cemented his challenging position, but there is still no official confirmation of his rematch with Stipe Miočić.

It has been rumored in recent months that the UFC’s plan is to host that match in March, and then Dana White revealed that April is still the most likely, but there seems to be no progress yet. "There hasn't been a title fight in two years where we haven't watched Stipe and Daniel Cormier.

There are no duels with other challengers, they seem to be fighting without a goal. And I'm not even fighting ..." , Ngannou complained in a podcast MMA Fighting. Francis on Stipe Miocic Francis is aware that Stipe is looking for what suits him best, but he is also aware that the UFC is the one who can and must make concrete moves.

"I don't think Stipe decides a lot at the end of the day. I think it's in the hands of the UFC. That's why before my last fight we asked for it to be for the temporary belt. In order to at least fight for something ...

I'm sure that I would have fought again that it was then for a temporary title. I think ultimately Stipe wants to do things his way. Okay, that's something everyone wants, but it's not up to him to regulate the situation in the category.

" Ngannou has still not lost his desire to fight even though he is 34 years old. He thinks that he is now in his best years and still has the motivation to fight, but he does not decide about his fights. Yet soon we could watch a fight in which Ngannou would show his desire.

Asked if he would be more active as a champion, the Cameroonian knockout gave a clear answer, but reiterated that this situation no longer makes sense to him: "Yes ... Sometimes I have a feeling that if it continues like this, I will forget how he fights.

In the last almost two years, I have fought twice, or once a year. I did not expect that. I am 34. I am in my best years, and in a few years, I won't be in the 'prime' anymore. Yes, I want to be more active. But it's not up to me. If you ask me, I would fight three times a year, "Ngannou concluded.