Alexander Volkanovski predicts Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway

Alexander Volkanovski shares his thoughts on Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski predicts Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway
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The upcoming lightweight clash between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway is considered to be one of the most thrilling fights on the UFC 300 main card. Fans and MMA experts are leaning more in favour of Justin Gaethje as they can foresee him claiming a win.

However, Alexander Volkanovski thinks differently. He doesn’t understand why Max Holloway is the underdog in this fight. Volkanovski wants people to recall the acts of wizardry Max Holloway is capable of performing. Alexander Volknaovski’s pick is Max Holloway!

He recently took the time to explain why.

Alexander Volkanovski on Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway

In a recent YouTube video, Alexander Volkanovski explained why he thinks Max Holloway will get his hands raised on 13th April.

“The way some people were talking, I thought maybe they were going to have – you can’t have bad odds on Max Holloway,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by “A lot of people are sitting there like, ‘Justin Gaethje, rah, rah, rah.’ Did we forget Max Holloway’s chin? Have we seen him in his last fights? The guy knows how to mix it up.

He used to be more hittable back in the day".

Alexander Volkanovski analyzes both opponents

“Gaethje’s been five rounds, and we’ve seen him do well in the later rounds. He can go five rounds, but the pace that Max Holloway’s still going to bring, because he’s still going to be there to be hit.

Max Holloway will still be there to be hit or to make it a fight. We know Gaethje likes to throw bombs. Can he zap a bit of the life out of Gaethje? I think so. You know Max ain’t going to tire. Five rounder. Look, man, I have to lean towards Gaethje, but man, I thought the odds were going to be worse.

The way people are talking, acting like Max doesn’t stand a chance, you’re wrong. He has a massive chance in this. I’m going to say, for my pick, will be Max Holloway”.

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