Ciryl Gane fires back at Tom Aspinall: "Don't worry, I'll see you in September"

Ciryl Gane responds to Tom Aspinall claiming that he's avoiding a fight with him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ciryl Gane fires back at Tom Aspinall: "Don't worry, I'll see you in September"
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The UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall has been pretty vocal lately. He recently spoke about Ciryl Gane and elaborated on how he's 'ducking' him. Tom Aspinall could show up in the summer; he is ready to fight any top contender.

Initially, Aspinall was desperate to share the cage with Jon Jones and took every moment to explain why he deserved to fight him. The desire isn't that strong anymore. At this point his response to the Jon Jones fight is: "If it happens, it happens".

As far as Ciryl Gane is concerned, he denies the claims set by Tom Aspinall, and in reply to his accusations, he ended up calling out Tom Aspinall for a showdown in September.

Tom Aspinall on Ciryl Gane

Recently on The MMA Hour, Tom Aspinall explained why he thinks Ciryl Gane is ducking fights.

"He's dismissed me on multiple occasions and I'm not the first guy he's dismissed, I'm not the first guy that he's ducked," Aspinall said as quoted by "It's out there for people to see. The reason that I got the Pavlovich fight is because Ciryl didn't want it.

So he ducked Pavlovich, he then ducked Curtis Blaydes — Curtis Blaydes has been on record saying that. I asked for him years ago, didn't want it then. I then asked for him in Paris. They flew me over, we tried to make that fight, he didn't want it then.

So we'll see what the UFC [wants] to do".

Ciryl Gane's responds

"@AspinallMMA, I never, ever say no to any challenge or any opponent. Blaydes was never an option. They said Pavlovich, I said yes. Don't worry, I'll see you in September, stop tripping @Mickmaynard2 @danawhite"