Jamahal Hill warns Alex Pereira ahead of the fight: “He grabs me, he’s done”

Jamahal Hill shares his thoughts on fighting Alex Pereira.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jamahal Hill warns Alex Pereira ahead of the fight: “He grabs me, he’s done”
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The former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill is not threatened by Alex Pereira. Confidence is soaring high! Ahead of the fight, Jamahal Hill wants Alex Pereira to know that there’s no point in using any striking or grappling tricks as it won’t be of any use.

Jamahal Hill is firmly confident in his skills and abilities as a striker and a grappler; he looks forward to giving Alex Pereira a tough night and seems to be ready to capture what was once his priciest possession.

Jamahal Hill on fighting Alex Pereira

During the recent event preview, Jamahal Hill shared his thoughts on fighting Alex Pereira and explained how he looks forward to dominating this Saturday night.

“I’ve never been dominated in the striking game,” Hill said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I’ve been caught, I’ve had my * rocked, some people have had some moments, but nobody has ever dominated me in any facet of striking, ever, in my life.

This dude don’t have that * option. He don’t have that option of ‘I’m gonna see if I can take him down.’ He grabs me, he’s * done! He grabs me, he’s done, I’m not Jan [Blachowicz].

I’m not Jiri. I’m not one of these dudes that got you on the ground and laid on you. When I get you down, I get on top of you, I * you up, period. Only thing that he can do is strike with me. Shut up. Shut up, bro. He’s been pieced up before.

We’ve seen him pieced up. We’ve seen him dominated. We’ve seen him knocked out. We’ve seen him rocked. We’ve seen your level. We’ve never seen my level. I’ve never even seen my peak level”.

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