Michael Bisping believes Justin Gaethje should’ve fought Islam Makhachev next

Michael Bisping explains why he thinks Justin Gaethje shouldn't be fighting Max Holloway next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping believes Justin Gaethje should’ve fought Islam Makhachev next
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Justin Gaethje has done everything right after facing a tough loss against Charles Oliveira. Some fans and MMA experts like Michael Bisping don’t understand why Justin Gaethje didn’t get a direct title shot after claiming a win against Dustin Poirier in the rematch.

Justin Gaethje didn’t secure a direct title fight because Islam Makhachev couldn’t show up for UFC 300 because he was fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, leaving him no time to train.

Islam Makhachev is expected to return in June. Michael Bisping can’t understand why Justin Gaethje is fighting Max Holloway next. In his opinion, Justin Gaethje should have kept himself vacant for a title shot.

Michael Bisping on Justin Gaethje

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Michael Bisping explained how Justin Gaethje deserves a direct title shot.

“Justin Gaethje kind of came at me on Twitter and I understand,” Bisping said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “No. 1, I’m not the matchmaker. I was just throwing it out there saying, wow, with that performance and the way that fight went down with Dustin Poirier, I see a reason and why he might get that opportunity.

But the main reason I said that was because Justin Gaethje is fighting a featherweight. So right now, you’re booked up. I guess the reality is in hindsight, maybe — I don’t mean this as any kind of insult at all — maybe Justin shouldn’t have taken that fight against Max.

If he hadn’t taken that, I think without a shadow of a doubt, he would be next. But he wants to stay busy, he wants to stay active. He wants to take on the legendary Max Holloway, so good for him”.

Michael Bisping on Justin Gaethje’s misunderstanding

“Justin, relax, I’m a fan of your work, I didn’t mean any disrespect and I wish him all the best and he deserves a title fight.

But right now you’re booked against Max Holloway, and until that business is done and until you know that you’re healthy, you’re not going to get booked in another fight. That goes for all of them”.

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