Striking Spectacle: Max Holloway Aims to Break Record at UFC 300

With less than a week to go until one of the UFC's biggest events ever, is this perhaps the most important match for Holloway?

by Sededin Dedovic
Striking Spectacle: Max Holloway Aims to Break Record at UFC 300
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The UFC did a great job of pairing current BMF champion Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje with former featherweight champion Max "Blessed" Holloway (25-7). Max Holloway is synonymous with perseverance and unwavering fighting spirit.

With more than a decade spent carving his legacy in the Octagon, Holloway's journey is a very inspiring story. In its early years, the sport of MMA was a fascinating clash of opposing styles. As MMA matured, so did its athletes.

The concept of a well-rounded fighter—skilled in striking, grappling, and wrestling—came to dominate. This evolution forced a change in strategy, and only those who could adapt succeeded. Max Holloway's story unfolds against this backdrop of transformation.

Born and raised in Waianae, Hawaii, a place steeped in rich cultural tradition, Holloway's childhood was not without its challenges. However, his natural talent, along with unwavering commitment and fearless spirit, caught the eye of coaches who saw in him the potential of a future champion.

Holloway's professional career is a chronicle of relentless pursuit and unwavering determination. His record, proof of his quality and longevity, is 25 wins with 7 losses. The road to glory, however, was not paved with smooth victories.

Early failures, above all the loss to Dustin Poirier, served as humiliating experiences. However, these defeats only fueled his hunger to improve. He meticulously honed his skills. Victories over legendary figures such as Jose Aldo, once a dominant force in the light heavyweight division, and Charles Oliveira, a master submission grappler, cemented his position among the elite.

He is a punching machine, who uses a relentless, hard-hitting strategy aimed at overwhelming opponents with a barrage of punches, which has made him a favorite of the MMA crowd and his matches are eagerly awaited. This tactic earned him the distinction of holding the record for most strikes in a single UFC fight – a whopping 445.

But Holloway's brilliance isn't just in sheer quantity; it is in its unpredictability.

Max Holloway (R) punches Alexander Volkanovski of Australia in their featherweight title bout during UFC 276 at T-Mobile Arena o© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

One cannot discuss Holloway's striking ability without acknowledging his legendary ability to absorb a blow.

He has an "iron chin", an extraordinary tolerance for pain that allows him to take a hit and keep moving forward, as we can see in almost every fight he has. This unwavering resilience forms a key part of his tactical strategy.

Holloway often uses his stamina to take a punch to lure opponents into close range exchanges, where his unorthodox combinations and counterpunching expertise come into play. It's a calculated risk, but hardly any fighter wants to "gamble" with Max.

We are less than a week away from the big UFC spectacle where league veteran Max Holloway will fight against the strong Justin Gaethje!

Blood runs down Justin Gaethjes face durng his BMF Title Lightweight fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 at the Delta Center© Chris Gardner / Getty Images

The UFC made a great move by pairing Justin Gaethje, known for his knockout punch and stamina, with Max Holloway, a fighter with incredible speed and punch.

Everyone who knows these two fighters knows that we are in for a real war and probably a lot of blood unless someone finishes the fight early. Both fighters are not afraid to exchange blows, and Max is the record holder in this.

"I hold the record for most punches in a five-round UFC fight," Holloway told TMZ Sports. "Gaethje is a tough fighter, but I believe with my aggressiveness I can break that record. I'm ready to give it my all!" Holloway, often praised for his fantastic boxing technique, currently holds the UFC history record for the most punches in a single fight.

Against Calvin Kattar in early 2021, Holloway threw an incredible 445 strikes (out of 578 total) and made organizational history. Experience is the "most expensive" virtue in martial arts. It comes with age, and experience brings a lot.

Holloway is intelligent and experienced enough to know how to time his aggression. But of course Justin also has his advantages and enough experience. He was the former UFC Interim Lightweight Champion and is the current BMF Champion.

Although Gaethje likes to get into the swing of things, he is also an excellent wrestler with a solid amateur background, although none of us would want to use much wrestling in this match. Holloway is not the type of boxer who cares too much about the defensive, but often has a wide and irresponsible guard that allows his opponents to place punches easily.

He believes in his "tough chin" and often allows himself to be approached and hit, but he is probably also aware that Gaetje has knockout power. This match threatens to be very interesting and attractive, but also full of violence, and we hope that these two fighters will justify their appearance at this jubilee UFC 300.

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