Chris Weidman reveals that he was ready to retire: “I think I was done”

Chris Weidman was ready to call it quits if his body didn't respond well against Bruno Silva in the fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chris Weidman reveals that he was ready to retire: “I think I was done”
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Chris Weidman’s recent performance against Bruno Silva has been criticized by many owing to the multiple eye pokes that put Bruno Silva on the canvas. Initially, it was labelled a TKO win, but soon after the eye pokes were brought to attention, the judges reversed it to a unanimous decision.

Bruno Silva has sent an appeal to overturn the final outcome. Chris Weidman dominated most of the rounds. He recognized where he went wrong and is ready to show up for a rematch if needed.

Chris Weidman does not want to leave the sport anytime soon; after supervising his performance and the way his body reacted, he decided to continue, but if he hadn’t felt fit enough, it would have been his last fight.

Chris Weidman on retirement and what’s next

Recently on the MMA Hour, Chris Weidman shared his thoughts on retiring and spoke about the love received from the crowd. “But if I’m not able to put it together in the UFC, in the cage in front of everybody, I’m not going to do it anymore,” Weidman said, as quoted by “So if I didn’t perform well, I think I was done.

I told myself I wasn’t going to retire, my body felt so good all training camp. I felt so good, unless I couldn’t perform in there, then I don’t think I should be done. We’ll see what happens, I’m going to take a week off.

I’m going to get back into the gym. I came out healthy. I’ll get back into training and try to get better and we’ll see what’s out there. I know there’s another Jersey fight in June.

Chris Weidman on the crowd

“I’ll tell you what, the love that I got from that crowd — I know everybody on Twitter hates me right now, but if you were in the arena that night, you loved me.

It was awesome in there. The crowd was really cool. I think it was a great experience for everybody in there. It was a fun time. So that northeast love and things worked out for me, especially in Atlantic City, and 100 percent of the time in New Jersey”.