Charles Oliveira manager: "I honestly believe he deserves a title fight right away."

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Charles Oliveira manager: "I honestly believe he deserves a title fight right away."

Although Dana White said a few days ago that the UFC was preparing a fight between Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira, which should apparently be a fight for the lightweight challenger, it has not yet been agreed upon. In fact, the negotiations didn't even start, and White was obviously just presenting his own plan.

This can easily be deduced from a statement given by Oliveira’s coach and manager, Diego Lima, in an interview with MMA Fighting, revealing that their plans are slightly different from those of UFC presidents. "I honestly believe Charles deserves a title fight right away.

He has eight wins in a row, he beat Kevin Lee in a great way and then completely dominated Ferguson. And Ferguson is one of the best in this division." "Until recently he had 12 wins in a row. I think Charles is ready and has enough references for the challenger position.

With all due respect to Gaethje, Khabib went through it. That has to be counted. I believe that in his next fight." "Charles should fight for the belt against the winner of the fight McGregor and Poirier" "But we know that the fight between McGregor and Poirier has a lot to do with it.

It will have a completely different meaning if Dustin wins, and another if it's Conor," Lima said, immediately revealing that he would ask for a new contract.


He expects this at the expense of everything that Charles has done in the last two years since in addition to a series of victories, he managed to set several promotion records.

"We definitely want to sign a new contract as soon as possible and arrange a fight. I believe that with God's blessing it will be for the title. Look at his position, how many wins he has in a row, and what he did in the last fight."

"Charles certainly deserves an improvement in income, no just because of his position in the rankings but because he has entered the history of the promotion. Most bonuses, most interruptions, most forced to surrender."

"In the next fights, he can break two or three more records.All this plus the fight against Ferguson should be very important in terms of a new contract, ”he revealed. He doesn't rule out the possibility that his pool will eventually fight Gaethje, if the sequence of circumstances coincides, largely dependent on the main fight of the UFC 257 event.

In that case, he is confident of another victory. "Justin is a good fighter, and such lead to good fights, we could see that in Charles' last fights. He's ready to beat anyone in this division. Everyone knows what Charles's fight on the floor looks like, and they've seen all the progress in wrestling and wrestling on his feet."

"Gaethje is a tough opponent, but I see Charles as the winner in absolutely all segments. If that fight is contracted, we will study Gaethje and then go with all our might to win, "he announced confidently. For such a thing, everyone has a foundation on the example of the last performances of their fighter.