Chris Weidman ready to fight Bruno Silva for a rematch: “My heart goes out to Bruno”

Chris Weidman shares his thoughts on fighting Bruno Silva for a rematch.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chris Weidman ready to fight Bruno Silva for a rematch: “My heart goes out to Bruno”
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Chris Weidman’s recent win against Bruno Silva sparked a huge debate in the MMA community. Chris Weidman poked Bruno Silva’s eye multiple times before Silva was dropped to the canvas. The judges overturned TKO to a unanimous decision win.

Bruno Silva sent an official appeal to the athletic commissions to review the final decision because he felt what happened to him was unethical. Chris Weidman recognizes what went wrong after watching the replays of the fight and took the time to apologize to Bruno Silva.

Chris Weidman is ready to reappear for a rematch if that's what the UFC wants him to do next.

Chris Weidman on winning against Bruno Silva

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Chris Weidman shared his thoughts on the controversial win secured against Bruno Silva and explained how he’s ready for a rematch.

“I feel like it’s a legitimate win,” Weidman said, as quoted by “I won all three rounds according to the judges’ scorecards. Is it the way I wanted to win? Hell no. I don’t want to poke a guy in the eyes.

I’ve never poked a guy in the eyes ever in any fight and then in this fight, if you add it up, it was two and then the one-two eye poke as people are saying in the last one. It’s just unfortunate. I don’t want that to happen.

It’s never happened before. Of course, I’m sorry that happened, That said, I am sorry that it happened, and it sucks that it ended that way, but you could make a very strong argument that I got eye poked, by far [with] the most devastating eye poke of all the eye pokes.

Chris Weidman on fighting Bruno Silva for a rematch

“If the UFC wants to have a rematch of this fight, sure, but I would happily move on, too. It’s not like I’m scared of him or anything like that. I felt like everything he had, I feel like I would only just get better.

Whatever. If they want to do a rematch, that’s fine, too. I’m open to that. My heart goes out to Bruno Silva. He was very frustrated. It sucks, but he fought me 13 minutes, and he was losing the fight. If they want to do a rematch, sure”.