Ferguson on Khabib's fights "More than half of his fights were two-round fights"

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Ferguson on Khabib's fights "More than half of his fights were two-round fights"

Khabib Nurmagomedov retired with a 29-win ratio from as many professional MMA fights. He achieved 16 of them outside the UFC, while the last 13 he achieved as a UFC fighter, and the last four were fights for the championship title.

It’s the best professional ratio of any fighter in MMA history if we look at those who have a career-ending undefeated. But Khabib’s longtime rival, Tony Ferguson, believes the ratio doesn’t really reveal the true picture.

In his post, Tony actually explained how some fights were added to Khabib that shouldn’t be. "Ahh, Khabieber's ratio. Fact. More than half of that nerd's professional fights were two-round fights. All before the UFC.

In most organizations, it takes three rounds for fights to be considered professional. If so, then my three Ultimate Fighter wins need to count. Give me three more wins and three knockouts, "Ferguson wrote. Looking at one of the sources that deals with the professional win-lose ratio of fighters, we can see that Khabib from the first phase of his career has four victories by referee's decision after two rounds, so Ferguson is right in that regard.

Two rounds fights

Also, he finished all the others before the end of the second, so without additional research, we can't know how many of those fights were contracted, but according to Tapology, most of those fights were contracted in two rounds of five minutes each.

This of course does not change the fact that Khabib would almost certainly celebrate in all these fights, no matter how many rounds they were contracted for. If we’re going to look at today’s MMA, Ferguson is largely right.

Almost no commission can consider a fight contracted for two rounds professiona, but quarterfinal fights in PFL tournaments are also held in two rounds, and their results are inscribed in the professional proportions of the fighters who performed.

So there are exceptions. As for Khabib's fights, it can be assumed that according to Russian rules, everything is regular in this case and Tony can only regret that he did not have to mention the three fights from Ultimate Fighter, whose 11th season he triumphantly won.

Especially since he had tougher opponents there than they were from Khabib’s early career. Nowadays, it would be difficult for Khabib's struggles to pass as a professional, but there is probably no basis for any objections here, nor could anything be achieved with them. Ferguson, unfortunately for him, can only consider them amateur, but the numbers will remain as they are.