Insights from Bisping & Rogan: Whittaker vs. Chimaev - Criticism and Expectations

Former UFC champion and current commentator Michael Bisping warned Chimaev of possible problems on his "Believe You Me" podcast while Joe Rogan claims this is the first real test for Khamzat

by Sededin Dedovic
Insights from Bisping & Rogan: Whittaker vs. Chimaev - Criticism and Expectations
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Former UFC champion and current celebrity commentator Michael Bisping has given his in-depth analysis on the upcoming spectacular UFC Fight Night event to be held in Saudi Arabia on his popular podcast "Believe You Me". Headlined by fighters like Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker and Khamzat "Borza" Chimaev, this event promises to be a firework display of action and excitement.

But while many fans can't wait for this clash between these two attractive fighters, Bisping managed to spot potential problems that could affect the outcome of this epic clash. UFC's announcement of the Fight Night event in Saudi Arabia caused a real storm of excitement among martial arts fans around the world.

July 22nd has been set as the day Whittaker and Chimaev will face off in the cage in Riyadh. Whittaker, with an impressive 25-7 record, is coming off a recent spectacular win over Paulo Costa at UFC 298, while Chimaev, an undefeated fighter with a 13-fight winning streak, will be looking for his chance at another big win after defeated Kamara Usman by split decision last time out.

In his characteristic style, Bisping analyzed this interesting match in detail. He looked deep into the styles of both fighters, delving into their techniques and tactics. He conveyed his insights to his listeners, noting that Whittaker's endurance and fitness is something quite different compared to the tireless Chimaev, whose invincible Dagestani roots make him the "antithesis" of the Reaper.

"This will be the first five-round fight for Chimaev which automatically means that if you are in his corner you have to be a little worried. One thing that will certainly not happen to Robert is that he will tire and use up his 'tank'

He is very a wise and experienced fighter who knows how to time things. It could very easily turn into a disaster for Chimaev," Bisping detailed. Chimaev is no stranger to criticism. His rapid attrition has become the subject of much discussion, particularly after his recent clash with Gilbert Burns.

Although he was able to claim the victory, Chimaev showed signs of fatigue, especially in the second round, which raised doubts about his stamina. Many have wondered where the problem comes from, given that Chimaev is known to work hard on his fitness and looks physically fit.

Bisping did not fail to highlight this feature of Chimaev, warning him of the potential dangers hidden behind insufficient fitness. "He's a very smart fighter, but if he's not prepared enough for this fight, it could be disastrous for him," Bisping added.

Robert Whittaker of New Zealand prepares to face Paulo Costa of Brazil in their middleweight fight during UFC 298 at Honda Cente© Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

Given Whittaker's rich career and experience, it will be interesting to see how Chimaev handles this challenge.

He is one of the best fighters of the new generation, but throughout his career he suffered criticism. However, now everyone is delighted because he won the match with Whittaker and the famous commentator and UFC legend Joe Rogan is delighted because Chimaev will fight against Whittaker.

Joe Rogan believes that Robert Whittaker will be a serious test for the career of Khamzat Chimaev, who will face him in the main fight of the evening in Riyadh on June 22. Whittaker, a former middleweight champion, comes into this fight off an impressive win over Paulo Costa at UFC 298, while Chimaev hasn't fought since defeating former light heavyweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 294.

"The Whittaker-Chimaev match is going to be spectacular. It's going to be a real fight. It's a real test for Chimaev because Whittaker is an extremely strong opponent. He's tough, he's strong and he's been a champion before," Rogan said on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Joey Diaz.

Despite Usman's impressive winning streak, Rogan is not too impressed as Khamzat beat him. He claims that Whittaker will be a real test for Khamzat because Usman did not adequately prepare for that match. "They gave him Usman, who didn't even have a chance to prepare for the fight.

He only had 10 days. That's not enough time. I'm not sure what kind of shape he was in. Although he's always in good shape, Kamaru is known to have problems with his knees . So I don't know how hard he trained and whether he was ready or not.

It's very likely that he sacrificed his knees in preparation, and when he wasn't training for the fight, he probably went easy. He certainly wasn't in consistent shape," Rogan added. . "If it had been a five-round fight, who knows how it would have ended.

Usman is undoubtedly one of the best fighters of all time in his division. At least we got a chance to see what Khamzat looks like against a world class fighter. It will be a good fight. I can't wait," Rogan concluded.

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